The Paintings


In art school and in the course of his career, Cy has experimented with a number of drawing and painting mediums including magic markers, pastels and watercolor. When he resumed painting recently, he wanted something more substantial, without the fumes of solvents used in oil painting or the “plastic” look of acrylic. He has turned to egg tempera, the classic medium of the Renaissance.

With egg tempera it is possible to build up a painting in many layers, adding depth and complexity of color; however the paint also dries very quickly and is notoriously difficult to control. After a basic lesson from Carlo Martelli, a master in Florence, Italy, Cy has explored the medium mostly on his own. At first he painted any and everything that came to mind, but over time he began to focus on three areas of interest: Classic Realism and its opposite, Fantasy, as well as Geometry, a subject which has always fascinated him.

Classic Realism