Classic Realism


Realistic painting requires close observation of the natural world in order to represent a subject in an accurate and detailed way. Cy was fond of photographing fruits and vegetables and has also chosen these as subjects for egg tempera painting. The traditional egg tempera painting in the Renaissance starts with a black ink under drawing on the gesso surface. The color, pigment mixed with pure egg yolk, was brushed on in thin transparent layers. The under drawing shows through and creates the depth and shadows. Cy has used this method in many of his realistic paintings, including a copy of Leonardo’s portrait, Lady with an Ermine.

The Mona Lisa

<em>Blue Lotus of the Nile</em>, 8x8"
<em>Camellia</em>, 8x8"
<em>Two Lemons</em>, 8x8"
<em>Lemon</em>, 6x8"
<em>Apple</em>, 8x6"
<em>Copy of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Lady with Ermine"</em>, 8x7"
<em>Pomegranate</em>, 5x7"
<em>Artichoke</em>, 5x7"
<em>Pear</em>, 8x6"